All this week, Matt is giving away tickets to the Award winning "Drums Along the Mohawk," and the show keeps getting better and better each year.

Join Matt during your "Retro Ride" home this week for your chance to win your way into a World Class Drum and Bugle Corp. experience this Sunday at Rome Free Academy Stadium. It's "Drums Along the Mohawk," and it's a show that really beats....but in a good way.

If you've never been to the event, these guys are no joke, and have some serious musical talent.  All the musicians are part of an intense summer program that tests them to their ultimate limits.

The highly disciplined youth compete in approximately 50 shows per summer season, sleep on their buses or gym floors and endure rigorous practice schedules to present an exciting performance to the fans night after night.

To purchase tickets to this awesome event click HERE .

Here's one of the Corp's practice sessions from a couple of years ago.


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