Naomi Lynn asked for suggestions of some cool things to do, while her family comes to town from Michigan. Well, you didn't disappoint!

This isn't the first time Naomi's family has come to Central New York, although it will probably feel like it to them. Last year (which was their first time in the area), it was bad. It rained - Every. Single. Day. They didn't really get the chance to experience CNY.

This year will be better, though. It looks like the weather is going to hold up for the most part, and they're going to be staying a little longer than they did last year.

Naomi wants to make her family's trip to Central New York the absolute best! She had a few ideas for things to do, but was looking for more - Some unique ideas that she was just missing. Well, you didn't disappoint her, that's for sure! She typed up a list of suggestions that were called in, emailed, and posted on Facebook.

List of Things to Do for When Naomi's Family Comes to Town
Naomi Lynn/TSM

She's going to give the list to her family upon their arrival, and let them pick what they would like to do. Now, there are still a few days before Naomi's family shows up, so if you have anything you think she should add to the list - Let us know!
She has no problem writing in a few suggestions. You can leave your ideas at the bottom of this page in the 'comments section' or leave us a note on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.

And thank you to everyone who has left their suggestions already. Naomi Lynn really appreciates it!



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