Today (April 19, 2014) is National Record Store Day and each year, musicians release special vinyl, cassette and CD albums to encourage fans to head to their local record store and support the industry. We take a look at some big name pop stars who have something special planned for fans. So grab this list and head on over to your local record store!

1. One Direction, 'Midnight Memories' (Seven-inch Picture Disc)  - Most Directioners are too young to remember when vinyl records were possible but that hasn't stopped 1D from releasing a special seven-inch picture disc of their hit album, 'Midnight Memories.'

2. Paramore, 'Ain't it Fun' (12-inch Single) - Paramore has released a 12-inch single of their new hit 'Ain't it Fun' which is supposed to look like it's broken. No worries, however: it definitely will play in your record player.

3. Coldplay, 'Magic' (Seven-inch Single) - Coldplay is putting out a limited print of 3,000 seven-inch singles for their latest track, 'Magic.'

4. Jay Z & Linkin Park, 'Collision Course' (12-inch Vinyl) - Jay Z is putting out 2,500 12-inch vinyl prints of the collaboration album with Linkin Park back in 2004.

5. Katy Perry, 'Prism' (12-inch Picture Disc) - Katy fans will be happy to find a 12-inch picture disc of her album 'Prism' in stores today.

6. Kings of Leon, 'Wait For Me' (Seven-inch Vinyl) - Kings of Leon fans will have to hurry to grab their hands on a limited 2,500 print seven-inch release of their latest single, 'Wait for Me.'

7. Jake Bugg, 'Live at Silver Platters' (CD or LP) - Jake Bugg has released an album that was recorded live at Seattle's Silver Platters store which can be purchased in CD or LP formats.

There are plenty and plenty other artists including Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, Green Day and LCD Soundsystem who are also supporting record stores everywhere so hurry up and grab your hands on something before it's too late!

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