The fact I am about to share with you might be a bit confusing not to mention a bit shocking but when you realize that the Nationals Days calendar is partially responsible for us celebrating "National Sweetest Day" in October it all really makes good sense.

Every Year since 1916 the third Saturday in October has been set aside to celebrate National Sweetest Day. The celebration encourages everyone to do a little extra and it seems to be working.

What is the Sweetest Day of the Year

Since the beginning of National Sweetest Day which was reportedly founded in 1916  Candy Day was set aside for people to enjoy candy and then by 1921 it had turned into a way to pay goodwill forward. If you want to celebrate your own candy day this Saturday let me get you some facts from the National Calendar Page I am reading.

The list from the Nationals Days Calendar of what you can do to celebrate.

  • Gather friends for a candy-making session. Make candies to give and share with others.
  • Write or type up your favorite candy recipes to share with friends and family. Be sure to include a sample of the recipe for tasting!
  • Surprise a co-worker with their favorite coffee.
  • Invite a friend for dinner.
  • Leave a card or note with kind words for a neighbor, new co-worker or your child.
  • Pack your spouse’s lunch for them.
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown

The origin of National Sweetest Day is actually pretty well documented according to the National Days Calendar.

National Sweetest Day found its beginnings in a holiday founded by the National Confectioners’ Association in 1916 called Candy Day.  On October 14, 1916, candy shops around the country filled newspapers announcing their sweetest treats and delights. (via National Days Calendar)

Eventually, the day came to mean more than just enjoying candy. A lot had to do with the timing and the fact that the world was at war. The History of National Sweetest Day.

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