The girls (Samantha, Beth, Kara, Lisa and Nicole) at Olney's Flowers in Rome can take care of your flower buying needs this holiday... Easily. And if they don't have what you're looking for, they'll MAKE it for you on the spot!



I walked in on a whim yesterday looking for an SU basketball themed arrangement for my girlfriend's birthday. I doubted it existed but Kara sprung into action, found an SU coffee mug, a bunch of white carnations that she painted blue and orange and then attached a basketball balloon for the finishing touch! It was perfect and I owe my g/f's smiles to these floral artists!


So, if you need a creative twist on a traditional gift this Valentine's Day or any other special occasion, head out to see the girls at Olney's Flowers in Rome and I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Thanks a lot, ladies ;)