If you've ever brought children to the Great New York State Fair, you know how hard it can be with the crowds sometimes. Now just imagine trying to take care of a baby on a hot summer day at The Fair. Thanks to some improvements this year, they're making things a little bit more comfortable.

Governor Cuomo has announced that the 2017 Fair will debut 4 new Baby Care Centers placed around the grounds. According to the NYS Fair website, these Amish-style structures will offer a private space for nursing mothers, along with an air-conditioned, staffed place for families to change diapers and take a much needed break.

We are committed to enhancing every aspect of the Fair experience and these Baby Care Centers will provide additional comfort and peace of mind to parents taking part in this great New York tradition. (Governor Cuomo via NYS Fair)

The Centers were built by Amish Structures in Manlius and State Fair carpenters are continuing work on the buildings at the fairgrounds. They look like they will be very comfortable and welcome additions for young families taking in all the sights and sounds of The Fair.

The Great New York State Fair is August 25, 2017 - September 5, 2017. You can get more tickets and more details at the NYS Fair website.


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