This is hilarious - I'm not even gonna lie. Ever wonder what you'd look like as a member of the opposite sex?

I walked into work this morning to greet my two co-workers: Gabbi and Brianna, and they were talking about how there's a new challenge on Instagram and Twitter involving gender swaps. You download the 'FaceApp - AI Face Editor' to your phone, upload a photo and it turns you into the opposite sex.

Gabbi was mentioning how she took pictures of all of her friends and swapped them: two friends had no idea it was even them!

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I wanted to put these to the test for myself, Beth and Dave - because the results from her friends alone were enough to get me interested.


She looks like she belongs in 'Hamilton.'



My Irish heritage definitely shows with me as a man. I look like a leprechaun!



Dave looks like the type who would extreme coupon? LOL.


We even tried playing a trick on Dave to see if he could tell if it was him or not!

We sent him a follow up text message and he had NO IDEA it was him!

"It could be an old intern but I really have no idea," he said. When I told him the news, he thought it was hysterical.

We're no stranger to these apps, as Snapchat released a similar filter just last year, but this one seems to do a great job capturing all the facial features and making them stand out. TikTok added a filter recently too that many people are using.

If you want to try this for yourself, simply upload a photo from your camera roll or take a fresh photo in the app, and play around with the different effects. To do the gender swap, simply press 'gender' and select which one you'd like to see. You can then share to your social media accounts or save to your camera roll, and if you want to get really detailed, there's even an option to 'go pro' in the app, which unlocks so many more weird and wonderful effects.

Send me your swaps!



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