A New Hartford woman is showing her talent and sharing her artwork in a show to be hosted in Clinton.

Kathy Donovan, an artist and New Hartford teacher, will be displaying her artwork at the Anatomy in Motion Pilates and Wellness Studio in Clinton. Kathy's work - if you're not familiar with it - often focuses on the human form in various iterations.

Courtesy Kathy Donovan

According to Kathy, "the show is all about images which are revealed (some literal some not) to me via dreams. In my BFA practice, I was trained via Jung and Creative unconscious. Like stream of consciousness drawing."

All of the artwork in this show is pastels and mono-prints.

In addition to her teaching position - where she taps into the creativity of her student through creative use of technology and engineering - Kathy is also a resident artist at 4 Elements Studio in Utica. All of her artwork was created at 4 Elements.

Courtesy Kathy Donovan

If you'd like to attend the reception for Kathy Donovan's new show, entitled "Offerings" - it's at the Anatomy in Motion Pilates and Wellness Studio in Clinton, located at 7 Kirkland Avenue, from 5-8pm.

To learn more about Kathy and her artwork, visit kathydonovan.squarespace.com.