Evan Strassberger is a junior at New Hartford High School and when he was thinking of the best way to ask his girlfriend, Savanna, to the prom he thought he would incorporate their mutual love of pizza. Using a Central New York favorite as your promposal is sure to get a yes, but it wasn't as 'perfecft' as Evan had hoped.

On his Facebook page it read, '"What's more perfect than pizza? Prom with ME!"🍕😊 (minus perfect being spelled wrong, it's a joke).' In Evan's own words, "I was having

What's more perfect than pizza?

trouble with deciding what I could do to ask her so I started to think, what do we both love and pizza was the first thing that came to mind. I've seen a lot of pizza promposals so I wanted to make mine original and with help from her friends I was able to form the right saying." Well, regardless of the typo, it was a smooth move and with every great prom is how the guy asked the gal.

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