A New Hartford mom and dad are trying to get the word out to other parents about a frightening injury their seven-year-old son suffered due to a specific device that's becoming more and more popular around pools and back yards in Central New York and beyond.

As you continue reading below, we're issuing a warning about a somewhat graphic image of the youngster's burned hand before he received treatment from medical professionals. Steve and Nina Mullin's young son Burke (pictured above after treatment at the hospital) was burned by a color grenade. Here’s another picture the family shared, illustrating the injury:

Credit: Nina & Steve Mullin

The unique and surprising aspect to these smoke grenades is that they are activated with a simple tug on a pin. These deceptively dangerous devices can be purchased at pool shops and other outlets, plus online through Amazon or the pages of ebay:

Credit: ebay

Burke had to spend the night at a hospital and is doing fine now. But, his injuries could have been worse if his face had been closer to the smoke after the pin was pulled to activate the grenade's colorful smoke.

As we head toward the 4th of July holiday and plan our barbecues, picnics, and other outdoor celebrations, we should be aware of some dangers, especially now that fireworks are legal in Oneida County and some other areas of Central New York.