When MaryLynn Paniccia bought a cast iron bathtub to add to her garden, she envisioned it filled with lush flowers. Her neighbors had other ideas.

MaryLynn is certainly the green thumb in her New Hartford neighborhood. Her creativity and love of the outdoors is on full display in her garden, where flowers mix with sculptures crafted from bicycle wheels, vintage chandeliers, and other found items.

Credit: MaryLynn Paniccia
Credit: MaryLynn Paniccia

Recently, MaryLynn scored a vintage cast iron tub for her garden. She had plans that involved greenery, flowers, and maybe some additional decor.

Her neighbors saw an opportunity.

For weeks, while MaryLynn was at work, her neighbors - including masterminds Danielle Exton, Kathi Randall, and Nancy Scheidleman - staged elaborate scenes using the tub as a centerpiece. They would the email the photos to MaryLynn while she was at work.

The pictures capture the close relationship and the great sense of humor shares by the friends.

Of course, now we all want to know: What's next in the garden?

Bathtub Bandits

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