At least three New Hartford residents in the same neighborhood report that their cars were broken into and items were stolen from their vehicles.

The break-ins happened in the Woodberry area of New Hartford, possibly during the overnight hours of Monday evening, September 4th.  At least two homeowners described their experience on Facebook. This neighborhood has been a victim of multiple break-ins in previous years. Affected areas include Barley Mow Run, Wildwood Road and Woodberry Road.

A Barley Mow Run homeowner says:

We had a car broken into last night in our driveway. They removed a briefcase rummaged through it and stole a few items, then threw it into our yard on the side of the garage.

Another woman said:

Lock your doors, folks. Husband's car was broken into last night. (And he usually always locks them.)

That same homeowner reports that cash was stolen from the vehicle. Even more terrifying, the thief managed to use the opener to open her garage door, either deliberately or unintentionally.

Another homeowner was hoping someone would find the bag that was stolen from her vehicle. The homeowner says her car window was shattered and her light blue Vera Bradley bag was stolen along with other items.

Police advised the homeowner that the bag was likely tossed into a wooded area.

If you have any information, or happen to come across the bag, please contact the New Hartford Police Department.

Keep your own vehicle safe by following some simple steps:

  1. Always lock your doors, even if your vehicle is parked in your own driveway.
  2. Never leave anything of value in plain sight in your car. The best choice is to bring anything valuable into your home. If that's not possible, lock the items in the trunk of your vehicle or place them well out of sight.
  3. If possible, park your car in a well-lit area. Leave driveway lights on.



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