Sushi is great. Burritos are great. But when you put them together? It's something altogether amazing and you can get one right in CNY.

I Ramen, a relatively new restaurant in the New Hartford Shopping Center, has some great food - all kinds of ramen, a variety of sushi and tasty appetizers. The highlight on its menu might just be the sushi burrito. The sushi burrito comes in different combinations; there's even a Samurai Chicken Burrito if raw fish isn't your thing. Check out all the pictures on their page.

The other fantastic thing about the sushi burrito is the price: $9.95. That's virtually the same price you'd pay for fast food, except this time you'll be eating a meal that's fresh and healthy. (Not that you don't like french fries every now and again.)

I Ramen is close to Planet Fitness in the New Hartford Shopping Center. If you're craving something delicious and a little different than your typical restaurant food, be sure to check them out.




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