Jeremy (left) and Chris Selvarajah are twins from New Hartford High School. They've already written a published book. They're just 15.

They've teamed up (and teened up) with some other students across the U.S. to write QuaranTEEN - Our New Normal. The book featuring the observations and experiences of the young authors. The twins from the Mohawk Valley are in an elite group. They're two of just nine teenagers nationwide who collaborated on this project.

Credit: Marie Selvarajah
Credit: Scriptor Publishing

The Selvarajah twins wrote about specific instances that made the COVID-19 lockdown a positive situation--pointing toward inspirational qualities and experiences they gained from their parents, Marie and Marino, and also their teachers.

The book will become available August 25, 2020 through Proceeds will benefit The Center for Disease Philanthropy (CDP) COVID-19 Response Fund and also Doctors Without Borders.

Chris and Jeremy both told us they look forward to using this book as a catalyst for future writing endeavors. And they hope this will be just the beginning of a career in writing.

Here's the conversation we had with the twins on Lite 98.7:

The twins have already garnered numerous awards and accolades for music, design, drawing and technology. Their unusual last name is Sri Lankan, but they were both born in the U.S.

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