The Halloween Creepy Crawl is back in Central New York this year with a spookier twist in a new haunted tunnel.

The annual haunted riverwalk in Oswego will be transformed the train tunnel on East First Street into a haunted tunnel. There will also be ax chuckers, rock climbing, a mechanical bull, live music, food, and beverages in the beer garden that will be held in Rotary Park. "Same event, new twist," said Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow.

The open container ordinance will be lifted in the area to allow Canale’s Restaurant to serve alcohol in the beer garden.

“Hosting the haunted trail in the train tunnel freshens the event and will provide a different experience from years past. Now, regardless of if you’ve been to the Creepy Crawl before or not, you have reason to support the event once again.”

The Haunted Tunnel will be held from October 27 through October 29 and is free to the public.

Credit - Mayor Billy Barlow via Facebook
Credit - Mayor Billy Barlow via Facebook

Short CNY Road With Long Spooky History

If you want a truly haunted walk this Halloween, there's a road in Oswego County you need to check out. It has a long spooky history of several deadly hauntings.

Two houses and a set of train tracks are all that sit on Gray Road in Minetto, New York. It may be short but its deadly history is very long. In 1961, a cab driver named Frank Coolidge ran into a tree on Gray Road after he was shot in the back by Garry Bernard Rhinehart. Rhinehart fled and hitchhiked back to Syracuse. Coolidge was found later that night.

A year later, on November 2, 1926, Ethel Guinup, hung herself in a barn in the woods after a confrontation with her husband. Legend has it, that her spirit remains.

Guinup's ghost isn't the only one that haunts the short road. A young boy who was killed on the train tracks when his family's carriage was hit by a train has also been seen by locals in the area. They say if you drive down the road around midnight, and park by the track, the boy will appear. A group of school children is also said to have died on the tracks and their ghosts may be seen walking towards your car.

There have also been multiple sightings of strange light orbs on the road and screams have been heard in the woods.

Take a walk down the short road this Halloween for a truly haunting experience, if you dare.

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