If you've driven through the Griffiss Business and Technology Park in recent weeks, you probably couldn't help notice the giant military man. The 10-foot tall concrete statue is known as "Alley Oop."

When the statue was first placed in the park nearly one year ago, it was the color of stone. But, it's recently been spruced-up to look like it probably did way back when Griffiss Air Force Base first opened.

According to a story published in the Rome Sentinel, the concert soldier once stood guard outside the Army barracks.  At that time he wore  olive green as he does again now.  Later, when the base converted from the Army to the Air Force, "Alley Oop's" color changed from green to blue.

The giant now stands guard in the beautiful park that covers some of the land once occupied by the base.  You can see him day or night, as spot lights make him very visible after sunset.

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