Wade Shows will bring 13 new rides to the Midway at the 2015 Great New York State Fair that were not present last year, including a special set of rides for smaller fairgoers.

Acting Fair Director Troy Waffner announced along with the rides, a new promotion for value-conscious thrill seekers will also be available at the fair:

"Our first year with Wade Shows was amazing - people loved the clean and uniform look of the Midway, the new shaded seating areas, and they bought tickets to the rides like never before. This partnership is delivering great benefits to Fairgoers and helping to grow the Fair. I can't wait to see the Midway this year," said Waffner.

Here's a look at some of the new Wade Shows Midway rides:

1) The Comet II

A single car roller coaster that began life at the Texas State Fair but which has traveled with Wade Shows since 2010;


2) The Extreme

A high flying thrill ride that spins riders 360 degrees while swinging them 50 feet above the Midway;


3) The Freak Out

A ride that swings riders back and forth high in the air while turning them side-to-side.


4) The Mega Drop

This ride takes riders up 130 feet in the air and sends them back to earth in a fast drop that will simulate zero gravity but which is controlled by always-on magnetic brakes.


5) The Space Roller

Riders swing on one end of a counterweighted boom arm while their seats spin randomly.


7) The Super Himalaya

A music-oriented ride that takes riders up and down a circle of hills while giving them a taste of centrifugal forces.

Riders must be at least 48" tall to ride some of these spectacular rides, while others require even taller riders.


8) The Flying Bobs

This is a spinning music ride.


9) The Orient Express

Kids can enjoy a dragon-themed coaster ride.


10) The Up, Up and Away

This is a balloon-themed ride.



You can find the full details on all 62 Wade Shows Midway rides coming to the fair by Clicking Here.


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