You love riggies, I love riggies. He, she, we love riggies. Chicken. Steak. Shrimp. You name it. It's a Utica classic.

Over the years, we've seen different adaptations of the iconic dish at numerous restaurants. For many, the best spot is Bella Regina on Genesee Street in Utica.

If you look at the Bella Regina menu, they have what might be the largest variety of riggies in the area. They have everything from fried chicken, pepperoni, seafood, buffalo, even sausage riggies. They're adding more to those options, and we're positive it will make many people VERY excited.

"Everyone loves our fried chicken riggies, so we're adding more to our fried selection," the restaurant said on their Facebook page.

What else could they possibly add to the menu of award winning riggies? Fried calamari, fried shrimp and fried cauliflower to be exact. These three will now be available in their delicious creamy sauce that leaves everyone wanting more.

The three are available for purchase at $18 each, and are 100% going to be worth every penny. The serving size is typically enough to last days (or at least two even if you're really hungry.)

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From chicken riggies and greens to half moons and tomato pie, there are so many unique dishes to love that came from right here in the 315.

Celebrity chef Rachael Ray shared her own take on a Utica classic on her show, making tomato pie in her kitchen.

Everyone has their own style for creating this delicious Utica dish, and Rachael acknowledged that she takes liberties that some in Central New York may not agree with.

"Seriously, it's not traditional at all, so if you're from Utica, I apologize," Ray said.

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