We hear it all the time. Stupid questions or phrases out-of-towners say that really get on our nerves. From our weather and food to where we really are in New York state. Here are 15 things you should NEVER say to a Central New Yorker.

"What's a Riggie?"

-It's not A Riggie. It's RiggieS. A bowl full of rigatoni pasta (hence the name), veggies, chicken, and sauce that's a party on your tongue. The sauce differs depending on where you have it, but it's awesome. NEVER say anything bad about Riggies. They are a central New York staple and if you don't like them, just keep it to yourself.

"Wegman's isn't THAT great."

-Anyone who says this obviously hasn't actually BEEN to Wegman's.

"I'll take a dozen black & white cookies."

-They're HALFMOONS not black & white cookies! How do we know? They originated in central New York and if you're going to order some, call them by the proper name.

"How do I get to Interstate 90?"

-It's the THRUWAY. If you ask for directions to Interstate 90, God knows where someone will send you.

"What kind of pop do you have?"

-Pop? Are we in Canada? We may be close to the border but it's called a SODA.

"You voted for Andrew Cuomo."

-No WE didn't vote for our Governor. New York City did. And YES we're not very happy about it so it's best to just not mention that name in central New York.

"Can you heat up my Tomato Pie?"

-Tomato pie is another staple of central New York and should NEVER be heated up. That's blasphemy!

"Is it always this cold?"

-COLD? It's 45. In central New York, you may need a sweater, even in the Summer. If you think 45 is cold, experience a good ole fashion CNY Winter.

"Everything was shut down where I live after we got 3 inches of snow."

-3 INCHES?! That's a dusting in central New York. An inconvenience. Three feet, now that's a different story. But we still manage to shovel out and drive to work.

"I thought New Yorkers were rude."

-You won't find nicer people than in central New York. From shoveling a neighbor's driveway to raising money for a family in need, we're always here to help.

"How do you join the Utica Club?"

-It's not a club it's a religion in CNY. It's also the first beer sold after prohibition so drink up.

"Pizza is the same everywhere."

-No. Negative. Absolutely not! Ask anyone who actually had pizza from central New York.

"It's in central New York, near Buffalo."

-Buffalo is NOT central New York. If you look at a map you'll see Buffalo is on the west side of the state. That's why it's in WESTERN New York. Albany is the capital district. And north of central New York is NORTHERN New York, nowhere near New York City. Why we section our state like this since no other state does, is anyone's guess, but mixing it up gets us all fired up!

"So salt potatoes grow in salt?"

-What? How have people not heard about salt potatoes? The tiny, golden potatoes are boiled in salt and dipped in melted butter and you'll find them at almost any central New York picnic, BBQ, or fair.

And the WORST thing you can say to a central New Yorker....

"How do you like living in the city?"

-There is SO much more to New York than just the city, and central New York is a long way from the Big Apple. Nothing pisses us off more when we say we're from central New York than everyone assuming we're in the city. Some central New Yorkers have never even made the 4-hour trip south.

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