A new shopping building is currently being constructed in Consumer Square in New Hartford. What new shopping or dinning options will move in?

According to a sign from Benderson Development, the building will consist of two different stores. A call was placed for further information from Benderson, and we are currently waiting to hear more. Once we know more, we will update you with that information.

Construction has begun in the part of Consumer Square where you can find Staples, Old Navy, and other stores. It appears the building will be at the far end of the parking lot, making sure parking is still available for those stores. No word when the building will be completed, or when stores will open up.

Benderson Development is one of America’s largest privately held real estate companies that owns and manages over 700 properties in 38 states. Across New York they own 28 properties.

Sarah Wheeler/TSM
Sarah Wheeler/TSM



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