We were talking about Pumpkin prices on the rise this year, but pumpkins this year are also growing at a large size. Listen to this, there are actual pumpkin growing competitions in our country, and people really enter. Farmers try to grow their pumpkins to weigh a ton.

So far, pumpkins have grown in the 1,500-pound range, but insiders predict they'll produce 2,000-pounders by 2014. a 2,000 pound Pumpkin! According to The Smithsonian Magazine, farmers are trying all sorts of crazy stuff like soaking giant seeds in hydrogen peroxide and water, incubating the seeds with heating pads and hand-brushing the flowers with special pollen when they bloom in spring.

To be entered in competitions, there can be NO cracks in the skin. Sounds simple but it isn't, it's very difficult because the pumpkins get so huge. Farmers are constantly pushing the limits of nature. Their motto is, "If you're not blowing them, you're not growing them."

Being crowned "pumpkin king" is a pretty cool prize itself but there is also thousands of dollars in prize money.

Is there something unusual or trivial that you are very, very good at?