Childhood Obesity is a rising concern here in America. Over the past year, parents have been educated even more, and they are supposed to be teaching their children well. But apparently parents aren’t getting the right education in the first place.

According to a new study, less than a quarter of parents of overweight children are ever told by a doctor that their kids are having a problem with their weight. Does that mean doctors aren't screening enough kids, or is the real story parent denial?

Parents tend not to realize when their kids have a weight problem. It's harder to notice that there's anything unusual about their families. It doesn’t help that children change as they grow older.

"It's tricky to say, and it's tricky to hear," said lead researcher Dr. Eliana Perrin of the University of North Carolina. "Many pediatricians don't worry until children are very overweight, or until they're much older. If we can notice a concerning trend early, we're more likely to be able to do something about it."

If doctors won't say something, who will?

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