While war is being waged on childhood obesity, many have been preaching diets, exercise, fitness training and etc. However some feel that doesn’t matter as much. According to a new study, fitness matters more than fatness. You can be big, but consider fit.

If you maintain good physical fitness but are overweight, you can still be considered healthy and reduce your risk of disease or early death. Researchers found those who had good fitness levels showed a 19 percent lower risk of heart disease and stroke-related deaths and a 15 percent lower risk of death from any other cause than those who were less fit.

Changing one's Body Mass Index (BMI for short) from overweight to "normal" did not decrease their risk for disease. So this is pretty much good news for people who are physically active but can't seem to lose weight. Worry less about your weight as long as you continue to maintain or increase your fitness levels.