Why in this day in age aren’t there a lot of female scientists? Well many women are afraid. Not afraid of the subject, afraid of other factors.

The Italian National Team in Rhythmic Gymnastics

According to a new study, many women don't pursue careers in science because they are afraid of an unhealthy work/home life balance.

Researchers found that nearly half of women scientists say their career has caused them to have fewer children than they'd like. Sadly, many women scientists never even get married. There is just so much work to do, so many hours to put in and so much pressure to perform that their personal lives suffer.

Working in radio I don’t have to make many sacrifices. One that we do is time. Usually we work long hours, and sometimes don’t have very consistent schedules. This makes it hard on relationships and family.

Have you had to make great sacrifices because of your job? What were the sacrifices?

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