What type of jobs in New York State do you think you would find the most unmotivated workers? We have the answer you're looking for.

With technological advances always on the horizon reshaping our way of life, and of course the workplace, it can make people feel uncertain. Think of all the jobs that AI can now do. People working in these roles, many of which can be considered monotonous and repetitive, might understandably feel unmotivated. Why would they feel so strong like this? Many are aware that their jobs could be significantly altered or eliminated.

Online-Solitaire.com recently conducted a nationwide survey of 3,000 employees to gauge the mood of the workforce. They asked respondents across various industries to rate how motivated they are in their current roles, with some very interesting results across the Empire State:

What Is New York State's Most Unmotivated Job Role?

That gold medal goes to "Call Center Representatives":

"Perched in their cubicles, these are the voices of patience, handling a barrage of calls with a calm that belies the storm of inquiries and complaints. It's a role fraught with repetition and little room for creativity, a combination already less than thrilling without AI’s encroaching as virtual assistants and chatbots stand ready to take the call."

Others in the top five include the following: Bookkeepers at number 2, Bank Tellers and Finance Customer Service Representatives at number 3, Administrative Assistants at number 4, and Claims Adjusters and Processors at number 5. You can read the full results online here.

Do you think Call Center jobs are the worst in New York State? Text us on our app and let us know your thoughts.


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