A map displaying the 100 richest and 100 poorest towns shows the stark upstate/downstate divide in New York State. 98 of the 100 richest locations are all downstate while the vast majority of the poorest locations are in Upstate New York. 10 of the poorest places are in Oneida, Herkimer and Madison Counties.

The map is based on per-capita income as compiled on a Wikipedia. In our region of the state, these are the locations with the poorest per-capita income:

Morrisville $8,983

Remsen $12,625

Bridgeport $12,995

Hamilton $13,203

Cold Brook $13,674

Ilion $14,264

Frankfort $14,381

Bridgeport $14,761

Dolgeville $14,787

Clayville $14,935

In case you're curious, the only location in Upstate New York that is among the richest places in New York is the village of Cayuga Heights, a suburb of Ithaca.

The poorest location in the state is downstate in Orange County, the village of Kiryas Joel, an Orthodox Jewish enclave.


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