It seems almost unbelievable but you can buy a ticket out of New York to fly across the pond for relatively cheap right now.

After a year in isolation who couldn't use a change of scenery? I'm not talking about a weekend getaway to the Catskills or a short drive to Lake George. Those trips are absolutely great sometimes but I'm talking about leaving the country and not a few hours north to Canada. You can fly across an entire ocean.

Since the middle of the pandemic, some airlines have offered special rates on flying.

How do you feel about international travel right now? It wasn't something that I thought could ever slow down but no businesses seemed to be prepared to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 nearly crippled the billion dollar airline industry.

Around this time last year, the TSA checkpoint numbers were at around 230,000. Now they are almost at 1.5 million. That's still about a million less than 2019. Airlines are doing whatever they can to fill those seats.

The CDC have loosened up on some guidelines and states have restructured regulations accordingly.

Are you more comfortable now? Are you comfortable enough to fly again?

More and more people are starting to get comfortable with the idea of flying once again.

Jet Blue is currently offering relatively inexpensive airfare to from JFK International Airport to either London Gatwick or London Heathrow. The trips begin in August and September. According to their ad, very basic roundtrip flights start at $599.

Who hasn't had the desire to go and see Europe? Who would have ever thought you could ever get a roundtrip ticket for less than a grand?

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