If you need another reason why New York State is the best when it comes to food, here is your reasoning on a big dinner platter. WalletHub has just named 3 New York cities part of the best Foodie cities in America.

WalletHub compiled a list of this year's best foodie cities throughout the entire country. According to the study, they compared over 180 different United States cities to get their answer.

These wallet-friendly cities cater to diners who prefer to cook at home, explore the local flavors or both."

Their data took a look at the cost of groceries, affordability, and accessibility of high-quality restaurants to food festivals per capita in each city.

New York State didn't make the Top 10, but we did make the Top 20. Here's the following cities and scores:

#18 New York City- New York had an overall score of 57.27, a score of 180 for affordability, and for Diversity, Accessibility and Quality the Big Apple had a score of 6.

#28 Rochester- Rochester had an overall score of 53.81, a score of 77 for affordability, and for Diversity, Accessibility and Quality Rochester had a score of 31.

#33 Buffalo- Buffalo had an overall score of 52.66, a score of 96 for affordability, and for Diversity, Accessibility and Quality Buffalo had a score of 35.

Earlier in 2022, New York made another list highlighting our incredible food. The "24 Best Foodie Cities In The US" list came from Mashed. The food scientists at Mashed put together this list to highlight all the incredible dining options across the United States. New York took the Number 1, and Number 10 slots there. You can read more here.

13 New York Restaurants Make List Of Food Networks Best Pasta In The Country

Food Network recently published a list of the "98 Best Pastas In The United States" and honored New York State with 13 shout outs. Even within that shoutouts, Syracuse and Upstate New York had 2 slots.

They broke the list down to specific dishes you can enjoy at these restaurants. Here's those restaurants on the list:

8 New York Restaurants Make List Of Food Networks Best Burgers In The Country

In a recent list of the "100 Best Burgers In America" from Food Network, New York made the list 8 times. The list from Food Network highlights over 105 restaurants from across America where you can find the best burgers. To have 8 slots is pretty cool.

Here's a look at those 8:

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