You live in New York, but don't know the answer? That seems impossible, but it happened. See Governor Hochul's reaction to a Jeopardy! question about herself.

Last week on the ever-popular weeknight show Jeopardy!, one question should have been a lay-up to everyone across the United States, but especially to those who live in the Empire State. However, instead of being a layup, the question stumped each and every contestant and nobody buzzed in.

After the show aired the question, our Governor even posted up on Twitter about it.

Obviously, the answer is simple, who is Kathy Hochul. Surely that must have been embarrassing for Ben Walthall who is a New York resident from Brooklyn. With all of the publicity that everything surrounding former Governor Andrew Cuomo had, it seems like this question would be a softball, especially to a New Yorker.

The Story Doesn't End With Him Missing The Question

Instead of getting mad, Governor Hochul actually invited the man to take another stab at the question.

During one of Governor Hochul's daily web calls, much of the focus centered around the COVID-19 pandemic and numbers in New York State. Until roughly the 53-minute mark where she introduced Ben Walthall onto the video. When introducing him, she made clear that in New York we are about second chances.

Walthall explains in the video above that at the time of filming, Hochul was just assuming office and at the time the news was so fresh that it slipped his mind. Kudos to Kathy Hochul for allowing the Jeopardy! contestant to come on and talk.

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