A few months ago NBC Nightly News ran a graphic showing the northeast that completely left New Hampshire off the map, mislabeling it as Vermont. Yesterday, a keen-eyed viewer saw this mislabeled map made to accompany an MSNBC story about President Obama's impending visit to Upstate New York.

Clearly there's been some seismic shift and Upstate New York cities have all moved around.

If I've got my New York geography straight, Syracuse is now in Washington County. Binghamton is still south of Syracuse, only now it looks to be somewhere near Glens Falls. Similarly, Buffalo is the westernmost New York city on the map. But forget Lake Erie, Buffalonians now have scenic Adirondack views.

Pennsylvania doesn't fare much better. Scranton is too far west positioned in Central PA.

School Two Easy For Kids - TV News Fail [PHOTO]

It's an easy mistake to make, right? To-too-two. The classic grammar error caught a TV station in South Bend, Indiana recently. The screen grab is from WNDU-TV in South Bend. Poor Maureen McFadden, the anchor, looks like she just saw the error.

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