He didn’t get his ball and chain, but he did wind up in jail.

A British man who called in a bomb threat because he failed to book a hall for his wedding has been sentenced to a year in jail.

On the day of his wedding back in April, Neil McArdle called the reception hall to say a bomb was about to go off, only to admit later he pulled the stunt because he had forgotten to take the necessary steps to secure the venue for the big day and did not want to let his fiancée down.

Unfortunately for McArdle, his fiancée, Amy Williams showed up at the location in full wedding attire to find a swarm of policemen among the guests on a day she would never forget for none of the reasons she expected.

Authorities traced the call and McArdle quickly confessed to the crime, which took place a few days after the Boston Marathon bombings.

McArdle and Williams are still together, although they haven’t tied the knot and don’t plan to do so. Of course, if they do decide to tie the knot, she has plenty of time to find a place while he’s in the slammer. Hmm -- maybe they can turn to Kanye West for inspiration, since he has a good grasp on doing marital things in a big way.

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