As Valentine's Day approaches, rom-com fans and their partners are cuddling up. What is New York State's most popular choice?

All About Cookies decided to undertake the research of all research, Rom-Coms. They determined which one's across America each state is searching:

Using Google Trends, we collected data on more than 75 romantic comedies currently available to watch on Netflix and assessed which is the most popular in every state in the country."

For New York, the winner was one you might never have heard of......Duck Butter. Duck Butter? DUCK BUTTER? What in the world is this:

Duck Butter is a 2018 American independent film directed by Miguel Arteta:

Nima is an actor beginning work on her first major film, directed by Mark and Jay. She struggles to connect with the material, and has a conversation about it with Mark and Jay, who imply that it is due to a lack of vulnerability on her part. After taking a friend to a date at a gay bar, Nima meets Sergio, an esoteric girl who performs a song at the bar."

The movie is definitely not PG13. Have you ever watched this? What are you thoughts? Text us on our station app.

Pretty Woman was the most popular Netflix rom-com across 7 states. Here’s a list of the top 5 picks:

Pretty Woman
No Hard Feelings
A Christmas Prince
This Is 40
The Perfect Find"

Also weird on this list is This Is 40. Is that really considered a Rom-Com? It's definitely a comedy with adult themes, but would you really call it a rom-com?

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