Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without certain foods.  But some people think certain foods could be left out.  What would New York lose if they could?Twitter data was recently broken down to determine state by state what most people disliked about Thanksgiving dinner.  If you could leave one thing off your table on Thanksgiving, what would it be?

Green bean casserole?  Cranberry sauce?  The turkey?

In New York State, it's the cranberry sauce that would get the ax.

It depends on this one.  If it's the whole berry sauce, I've never really had a recipe of that that I was really a fan of.  But...if it's the jelled stuff, it's in my top 3.  I love the flavor, hate the texture of a whole berry sauce.

The crazy part is that three states in the study chose turkey as the worst part of Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey?  How can you have Thanksgiving without turkey?

Want to see the list a little closer, check out the map here.

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