If you're tired of the single life and are looking to settle down, maybe start a family, New York is definitely not the best state for it.

A new study has been released from WalletHub that names the best and worst cities for singles. They compared over 150 cities across our country, using key factors when it comes to dating, and found the best areas. Some of the factors included things like percentage of singles, the average cost of dining out, number of attractions in an area, the amount of online dating opportunities available, and a handful of other statistics.

The bad news? Things didn't look good for New York. WalletHub presented findings for New York City, Rochester, and Buffalo. Although New York City was ranked 20th overall, it fell flat in categories like cost of dining out (which was obviously more expensive), cost for going to the movies, and average cost for beer and wine. But we all know everything is more expensive in New York City. New York City took the top spot in one category though; They tied for number one when it comes to having the most nightlife options. But we could have guessed that.

When it comes to these three cities named, Rochester was big in one category. According to WalletHub's findings, Rochester is the third best city when it comes to the amount of singles in the area. So if you're alone in Rochester, you're in good company.

Buffalo was also on the list. They took the 72nd spot out of 182 cities named.

So what city was named the best for singles? According to WalletHub it's San Francisco, California. Atlanta, Georgia took the second spot, and Los Angeles, California came in third.

So if you've been single for a while, and feel like you just keep striking out, you may want to take a step back and talk to your friends and family, to see what you could change to have better luck. If that fails, then maybe it's the area you're in and it's time to look somewhere new. Many cities in California made the list, so that might be an idea.

If moving is completely out of the question, there are some other options for you. A few months ago, we asked our listeners/followers "Where's the best place to meet singles in Central New York" and we got some great advice. One woman suggested taking a class like a cooking class or art class. Another woman said just hang out with your friends on Varick Street and you may meet someone. You can see the full article on advice for singles in CNY at the link below:




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