Craigslist, and other online transaction sites can make it easy to buy and sell items. But do you ever feel uneasy about the actual face-to-face transaction? One New York State sheriff has found a way to make transactions safer.

In Livingston County, south of Rochester, the sheriff has set up a location in their parking lot called the "Safe Transaction Zone." There are parking spaces where buyers and sellers can meet. The area is under surveillance and sheriffs deputies can review security camera footage should something go awry.

County Sheriff Tom Dougherty told Time Warner Cable News,

"When the people pull in, it's all videoed and recorded if we need to go back.  The deputy sees it all on his monitor.  If there's any issue, they will come out and approach, and also, if people feel there's going to be any type of issue they can always request a deputy come out here and stand by prior to even meeting with the individual," Dougherty said.

Would a system like that here make you any more likely to use a service like Craigslist?

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