A law firm in Albany has created quite a stir with an outdoor billboard campaign. Motorists are rubber-necking to get a glimpse. Neighbors are talking. The Internet is buzzing.

Initially it looks like a fist with a middle finger extended, but upon closer inspection, it's actually a ring finger, with a wedding ring. The ad posted by the We The People law firm touts divorce services for a low cost of $499. You can see it HERE.

Albany's ABC News10 says it was first tipped off by one of its viewers who was offended by the billboard. But the TV station also interviewed folks in the neighborhood of the billboard and none of them was disturbed.

The Capital District TV station interviewed a law firm spokesperson and reported this:

At first we were a little concerned about how provocative it was,” says Rose Szymborski, manager at the We The People Wolf Road office. "Some people weren’t too keen on the idea, but once they realized that it was not the actual middle finger, they realized what the actual message was.

Apparently the ad is working, creating buzz, and leading to increased business.

Here's the full story from ABC News10 in Albany and a look at the billboard. What do you think about the billboard: funny or controversial?

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