For the past 46 years, United Van Lines has done a study tracking state-to-state migration patterns. The results from 2022 were just released and it appears that New York State made a list that doesn't seem very promising.

United Van Lines says that the past years data has revealed some interesting trends:

1) People nationwide reprioritized what matters to them.

2) Grappled with inflation and made moves for meaningful, life-affirming reasons, whether it was to be closer to loved ones or to enjoy a lifestyle they once only dreamed of.

Although in 2022 United Van Lines did see a slight increase in those making long-distance moves for a job transfer (33.3%) compared to last year (32.5%), that percentage hasn’t come close to the 41.7% seen in 2020 — or the 49.2% of those who moved for job reasons in 2019. Look back even further and those numbers stood at 51.4% in 2018 and 60.1% in 2015. Overall, job transfer-related moves are down more than 21 points compared to 2015, in part due to pandemic-fueled remote work. Although there has been some potential stabilization from pre-pandemic numbers, odds are this overall trajectory will continue."


So What's The Deal With New York?

The top outbound states for 2022 were:

1) New Jersey
2) Illinois
3) New York
4) Michigan
5) Wyoming

So New York, was the number three state in the entire country that people were moving out of the fastest last year. Part of the findings found 65 or older adults were moving out the most, followed by 55 to 64 year olds, and then 44 - 54 year olds. You can read the full breakdown online here.

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