New York State Troopers do more than hand out tickets and arrest criminals. Sometimes they have to moo-ve ssssuspects too.

Snake in the House

Forget about snakes on a plane. One resident found a snake in her living room. Trooper Jose Mazareigo took this scaly ssssussspect into custody after capturing it with what looks like a pair of kitchen tongs. Hey, you use whatever is handy.

Credit - NYSP

Moo-ving Cows

Just call Trooper Erica Page the cow whisperer. She recently dealt with some udder-ly stubborn cows who refused to moo-ve after they escaped from their pasture. Trooper Page eventually led them back home.

Credit - NYSP

Eagle Rescue

This isn't the first time a New York State Trooper helped rescue an animal. Trooper Christopher Markwica saved a Barred Owl  after it was found injured on I-87 in the North Hudson area. It spent a month at the North Country Wild Care before Trooper Markwica released it back into the wild.

Credit - New York State Police

Horsing Around

It's not just birds either. New York State Trooper Connor Meier helped a pair of lost horses get back to their home in Windsor.

New York State Police

Goat Goes Free

Officer Neena Testa from the Cortland County Sheriff's Office rescued a goat after it got itself into a baaaad situation. She moved the goat's head that was stuck in a fence, allowing it to wiggle out and roam free.

Cortland County Sheriffs Office

You never know what the day will bring when you're a officer of the law.

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