In one of the stranger lawsuits in a while, a New York state woman is being sued by another woman for not allowing her adopted cat sleep in the same bed as her. Oh, this should be quite a story. Though we have to admit, after typing this, we're still confused.

According to, a Brewerton woman said the only reason she let the other woman from Syracuse adopt the cat was so the cat could sleep in the same bed as her. Okay, now this is getting even stranger.

The cat's name is Lacie, and her former owner says sleeping in the same bed as a human is important to the feline's emotional health. She said she couldn't sleep in the same bed as Lacie due to pain from cancer surgery. The suit says that while she was very upset to have to give the cat up for adoption, the whole sleeping in bed with a person thing was important enough to give Lacie a new home. says she met the other woman and agreed to give the cat up for adoption. The Syracuse woman adopting the cat signed standard paper work that did not include anything about the bed arrangements.

The suit says that the original owner accused the second woman of intentionally misrepresenting her intention to let Lacie sleep with her prior to adoption. She is asking for money damages and for the cat back.

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