Last week (June, 5th 2013) a New York family reportedly watched and photographed a "strange organic-type UFO with appendages" around 5:40 PM according to a report submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). 

According to the submitted report, the family was walking to a local school for a spring concert when they first noticed the object.

We stood and watched it periodically and noticed it hadn't moved at all. It just floated there at a very high altitude.

When the family arrived at the school they noted that a majority of the people outside were watching the strange object and even skeptics were confused as to what it could be.

The object was still hovering and unmoved - still giving off some kind of odd glow. After four more attempts with the camera, I finally managed to get it. It didn't take long for all those who witnessed what I'd seen to be convinced, whether they believe in ETs or not, that this was simply not something man-made, but rather some kind of organic life form.

After the concert the object had disappeared from the skies. The photographer submitted their report to MUFON and is asking for anyone to provide some insight into the strange phenomena that they captured.

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