The Mohawk Valley is home to some absolutely fantastic pizza joints, and we're not taking anything away from them. But sometimes you just need something quick and familiar to satiate your pizza craving. That's where the chains come in.

There is arguably no better "Screw it, I'm not cooking tonight" meal than pizza. And despite inflation and everything being more expensive these days, Americans still love their pizza. So far in 2022, visits to the 12 most popular pizza chains increased by over 30% from 2021.

Thanks to a recent national study by, we now know the most popular chain in New York state. Here's how the results were found:

"TOP Data analyzed offline GPS data of millions of Americans to 12 of the largest pizza chains across 48 states in the US to determine the top 5 chains in each state and surveyed 1,000 Americans to learn about their pizza consumption preferences."

Little Caesars was the most popular chain in 16 of the states, but not here in New York.


That distinction goes to Pizza Hut, which was the most popular chain in just 3 states total: New York, Delaware and New Hampshire.

These findings are in alignment with my personal memories of going out for pizza as a kid. When my family went out for pizza, Pizza Hut was the place to go. When I think of Pizza Hut, I think of the distinctive light fixtures, the tablecloths, and the promotional giveaways...

...SPECIFICALLY The Land Before Time rubber hand puppets. Did anyone else have these?!

seller bradforparnel-0 via eBay
seller bradforparnel-0 via eBay

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