When it comes to pizza, every city is going to want to brag or claim they have the best. In New York, there is some real stiff competition. But Utica truly has the best.

Think about it, New York is considered to have the best pizza or one of the best pizza scenes in the entire country. Sure, Chicago might be able to give us a run for our money with Deep Dish pizza. But, Deep Dish pizza is kind of a novelty, to be completely honest.

So, if New York is considered the best in the country, wouldn't that then by proxy mean Utica pizza is actually the best in the United States? Something to think about for sure.

The next question becomes why does Utica pizza stand out as being the best in New York State? Well, look how close we are to New York City. To get to the heart of Manhattan only is about a four-hour drive or so. But in New York City you will run into a very large problem, there are just way too many places and they cannot all be good.

On top of that, recently someone told me they went to New York City for a weekend and had some of the pizza down there. They also had said that we are lucky because Utica pizza really wasn't much different in comparison, oh but we must beg the differ though on that just a little be, won't we?

Here's Why Utica Pizza Is The Best In New York

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