A new study has found the top ten states with the least fatal house fires. So how did New York State do on this list?

In New York State, prioritizing fire safety is extremely important to protect lives and property. Residents and businesses must install and regularly maintain smoke detectors, make sure that buildings are in compliance with building codes, particularly regarding fire exits and evacuation plans, and regular fire drills are held in residential and commercial spaces. That's why New York has low house fire fatalities.

According to firecashbuyers.com, Vermont landed the top spot. New York State landed at second place on this list.

So How Did They Determine Which States Were Safe?

Real estate investors specializing in fire damaged homes analyzed data from the Fire Administration to discover the number of fatalities from residential structure fires across all 50 states.

Second Place New York, What Was The Data?

Second place goes to New York, which has recorded 0.9 casualties per 1,000 fires. Urban areas like New York city grapple with unique challenges such as the proximity of the buildings, emphasizing the critical importance of fire safety measures. This includes stringent building codes and promoting public awareness to protect all of the diverse communities that live there.

According to new research, Vermont experienced the lowest number of casualties in structural fires in one year when compared to all the other states. Surprisingly, the Great Mountain State has reported zero casualties. Third in the ranking goes to North Dakota with 1.5 casualties per 1,000 fires. The state is known for its expansive landscapes and tight-knit communities, and being predominantly rural, this has pushed the urgency for adherence to building codes; being ready for emergencies is essential for protecting dwellings and guaranteeing the safety of those living in the region.

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