Someone's getting serious about a 50th anniversary version of the Woodstock music festival that became world-famous in 1969.

When the bigwigs in Albany get involved, there's usually smoke AND fire. New York governor Andrew Cuomo's office recently announced $84 million in economic stimulus funds earmarked for the Hudson Valley region; hundreds of thousands of those millions would supposedly grease the skids for another Woodstock.

The original three-day concert at Max Yasgur's farm put Bethel, New York on the map. And the improvements would all be centered on that site, which houses the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

Upgraded infrastructure would be a major goal, so the festival could comfortably attract and entertain as many people as possible, in order to make it bigger and better than ever.

Many questions of course are emerging:

What bands would you like to enjoy at a potential 50th anniversary Woodstock in 2019? What's the dress code? Do you wear traditional 1960s hippie garb or current clothing? And...will New York legalize recreational marijuana use in time?

Central New Yorkers should start planning ahead for the Summer of '19, because Bethel Woods is just under a three-hour drive from the Mohawk Valley.


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