Niall Horan is hard at work on his new album.

While he's yet to release any tracks off the project, he did give fans an idea of what they can expect during a recent interview on George Ezra's podcast. Horan, 25, said he's hoping to bring the same "funky sexiness" of "Slow Hands" to his forthcoming album.

"That's what I'll aim for next time, not so much electric but that bit of dirt; yeah, dirt is the word," he shared.

As for influences, the former One Direction member has been looking to Coldplay for inspiration for at least a few tracks on his new album. Horan hopes to have a "banger" or two on the project, as Coldplay often does.

"Coldplay have done so well over the years, moving with the times and kept originality," he said. "They've got at least two off every album where you go, 'Woah, banger.'"

After chatting with Ezra, Horan tweeted that it was "amazing to have a proper artist to chat" with, adding that it "clearly didn't feel like an interview situation." He didn't add any more about his album, but did tweet that he was enjoying "watching my ideas come to life in the studio."

There's no telling when Horan's latest solo project will be released, but he's got something to hold fans over until it is. On Thursday he announced plans to release a live version of his 2017 album, Flicker, featuring the RTE Concert Orchestra. Physical copies of the album will be available on Dec. 7, 2018 in Ireland.

International fans can find it on Horan's website.

Flicker reached No. 1 on the Official Irish Albums Chart, making it the second album from a former One Direction member to take the top spot. Harry Styles was the first. It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart in the United States as well.

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