The ever-adorable Nick Jonas and his ever-expanding muscles have released the music video for "Remember I Told You" featuring Anne-Marie and Mike Posner. The catchy pop tune is celebrated with a black-and-white dance party in this upbeat song showcase.

Throughout the "Remember I Told You" video, Jonas and fellow party goers goof around in a shopping cart, bop on balloons, toss Styrofoam packing materials, graffiti a room, and have a cheeky pillow fight.

Jonas, wearing a tight T-shirt to show off his guns, could be a spot-on version of a younger Mark Wahlberg. And this wouldn't be the first time Jonas has channeled the movie star/Marky Mark lead singer. In 2014, he did a tribute to Wahlberg's '90s Calvin Klein undies campaign.

Maybe for Jonas's next video, he should ask Wahlberg to make a cameo.

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