There are many different types of awards out there, including the Xtreme Eating Awards.  It's not what you're thinking.  Someone trying to eat fifty burgers in ten minutes or as many burgers as possible in a few minutes.  No, the Xtreme Eating Awards are given by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, better known as CSPI to unhealthy dishes at chain restaurants.


CNN's reports this year's nine dishes have been given the dubious distinction of being named dis-honorees by the CSPI for dishes that are packed with fat, calories and salt.  These are CSPI's nine dis-honorees finalists for 2013:

1.  Chili's full rack of baby back ribs with Shiner Bock BBQ sauce.  This dish packs 2,330 calories, 6,490 milligrams of salt and 45 grams of saturated fat.

2.  Uno Chicago Grill's deep dish macaroni and three cheese.  According to the CSPI report, this entree has more than three days worth of saturated  fat, 3,110 milligrams of sodium and 1,980 calories, which is almost a day's worth of calories.

3.  Cheesecake Factory's crispy chicken costoletta.  The calorie count for this chicken dish is 2,610 and it has more than four days worth of saturated fat.

4.  Cheesecake Factory's bistro shrimp pasta.  3,120 calories, 89 grams of saturated fat and 1,090 milligrams of sodium.

5.  IHOP's country fried steak and eggs.  This dish has 11 teaspoons of sugar, 3,720 milligrams of salt, 23 grams of saturated fat and 1,760 calories.

6.  Johnny Rocket's bacon cheddar double burger, sweet potato fries and Big Apple shake.  Dine on this meal and you'll be consuming 3,500 calories, 88 grams of saturated fat (that's four days worth), 15 teaspoons of sugar and 3,720 milligrams of salt.

7.  Maggiano's chocolate zuccotto cake.  This sweet dessert is made with 26 teaspoons of sugar, 62 grams of saturated fat and has a whopping 1,820 calories.

8.  Maggiano's makes the list again, thanks to their veal porterhouse, which has 2,710 calories, 45 grams of saturated fat and 3,700 milligrams of sodium.

9.  Smoothie King's peanut power plus grape smoothie.  Don't let the healthy sound of this smoothie fool you.  The CSPI report says the 40 ounce size has 1,460 calories and 22 teaspoons of sugar.

Do you feel guilty when you eat unhealthy food?