- Every day more and more information is coming out about No Doubt‘s long-awaited album ‘Settle Down.’ We finally have physical evidence of the album, as the band released the cover art. Looking classy as usual!

- The leaked photo of Rihanna‘s injuries after her domestic dispute with Chris Brown was determined to be the work of two specific police officers. Charges will not be filed, but they are still at risk of being fired from the LAPD. [MTV]

- We all know Justin Bieber burst onto the music scene as a protege of Usher. The teen sensation recently paid homage to his mentor by singing Usher’s single ‘Climax.’ Be calm, Beliebers, be calm. [YouTube]

- Oops! Miley Cyrus was treated to a meal for the price of $Free.99 at In-N-Out Burger. The reason? She forgot her wallet. [Ace Showbiz]

- They say kids often mimic their parents behavior. In the case of Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes, she was caught flaunting her mom’s Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra. Girls will be girls! [Daily Mail]

- Sorry, Jay-Z! The Flaming Lips broke the rapper’s record of multiple concerts in 24 hours. HOV’s previous record was seven cities in a day. Wayne Coyne and crew traveled to eight in one day. [Ace Showbiz]

One Direction is slowly taking over the globe. One more realm they’ve conquered? The Sharpie industry. Niall Horan tweeted a photo of himself holding a 1D marker. [Twitter]

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