They say you meet the best people in unexpected places - and that's what happened with Charles Mitchell and his fiancée, Sumer Stevens. They are native to Dexter, NY, in Jefferson County, west of Watertown.

According to an interview with WWNY, Mitchell is on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, and has been for 17 years.

Here's the thing about it: he hasn't just lost two kidneys, but three. His first kidney transplant in 2001 failed, and he currently is on two waiting lists. One at the transplant center in Syracuse, and another in New Jersey.

His need for a new kidney doesn't stop him from living his life. He loves playing guitar, riding his motorcycle, and more. But, he also knows until the time comes where a kidney is found for him, his life will consist of dialysis three times a week, for five hours at a time.

But thanks to his dialysis, he was able to meet the love of his life.

Stevens runs a dialysis unit in Lowville, and Mitchell goes to the competitor in Watertown. That's how they met.

Because the treatment was the reason they met, together they are advocates for organ donation.

“Be an organ donor on your license. That does make a difference,” said Stevens to WWNY.

“It’s not just checking a box like, yeah, I’ll do that or maybe I wont, whatever, I’ll get around to it. It’s absolutely important,” said Mitchell to WWNY.

Displayed on the back of their vehicles, according to WWNY, are stickers with the information needed to get Mitchell a kidney. Kidney needed, blood type O or A. Plus his phone number (315-489-4802), with instructions saying calls will be directed the transplant center in Syracuse.

This is such a heartwarming, serious story. Personally, I'm not gonna lie, I am currently not registered to be an organ donor. But after reading this story, I might reconsider.

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