This is why we can't have nice things. Now legislators in New York State are suggesting that a law is required to prevent teens from being...teens.

Two lawmakers from New York City are introducing legislation that would mandate child-resistant packaging and demand that Tide place warning labels on Tide Pods. Oh, and they can't have pretty colors either - it's just too tempting.

In cases where toddlers have accidentally eaten Tide Pods, I understand where this legislation makes sense - we don't want babies who don't know any better getting sick.

But that's not who is eating Tide Pods lately. It's teenagers. They're doing it on purpose.

There are warning labels on cigarettes. Beer. About illegally downloading music. How's all that working out? Does anyone honestly think that some new legislation is suddenly going to make teenagers who are inclined to EAT LAUNDRY DETERGENT suddenly not? Like they'll miraculously have an epiphany - "you mean these small packages full of chemicals aren't to eat? Ohhhh. Well, in that case..."

No. It's not going to happen. This trend will run its course. Are there teens who have eaten Tide Pods TWICE? A few months it was the Cinnamon Challenge. Remember planking? The Mannequin Challenge? Bless their hearts, teenagers don't have a particularly long attention span.

Stop trying to pass laws to make teens change - it only irritates the rest of us. 


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